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aerial acrobatic straps artist
About Rustam Tsodikov

Born in 1981 in Minsk, Belarus / Belarus

German citizenship



Minsk State College of Music n.a. M. Glinka (1998-2002)

Graduation Diploma: circus performer, theater actor


Rustam Tsodikov has more than 12 years of experience with his fantastic aerobatics show. He showed his performance at famous theaters, variety shows, dinner shows, circuses and TV shows all over Europe.


Le plus grand cabaret du Monde Patrick Sebastien TV Show (Paris, France)

L'Oktoberfest a Romano Oktoberfest Gala (Rome, Italy)

Palazzo dinnershow in Spiegelzelt (Hamburg, Germany)

Bodyfashion Center opening gala (Amersfoort, the Netherlands)

Presentation NEW Volkswagen Crafter & Palazzo, special gala show (Den Haag, the Netherlands)

Varieté et cetera (Bochum, Germany)

GOP Varieté-Theater (Bad Oeynhausen, Germany)

Star Club Varieté (Fulda, Germany)

Fastnachtsfestival mit Zirkus Roncalli und dem Sinfonischen Orchester mit Milva (Dortmund, Germany)

Roncalli Apollo Varieté (Dusseldorf, Germany)

Reinhard Gerer PALAZZO Spiegelzelt (Vienna, Austria)

Friedrichsbau Varieté (Stuttgart, Germany)

Bronx Club opening gala (Minsk, Belarus)

„Posidonio“ Nikos Vertis (Athens, Greece)

Harald Wohlfahrt Palazzo Spiegelzelt dinner show (Nurnberg, Germany)

Alfons Schuhbeck Palazzo Spiegelzelt dinner show (Munich, Germany)

Ron Blaauw Palazzo Spiegelzelt dinner show (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

Harald Wohlfahrt Palazzo Spiegelzelt dinner show (Stuttgart, Germany)

DER TELLER Gastronomics gala-show (Hillesheim, Germany)

„Orama“ Nikos Vertis LIVE SHOW (Thessaloniki, Greece)

Århus_festuge (Arhus, Denmark)

Hans-Peter Wodarz Harald Wohlfahrt Ron Blaauw Peter Moser Palazzo (Munich, Germany)

Herman den Blijker Palazzo (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

Tattersall Sarrasani Circus (Buenos Aires, Argentine)

Cees Helder Palazzo 3-michelin stars chef (Rotterdam, the Netherlands)

Belarusian National State Circus (Minsk, Belarus)

Formula-1 Historic Grand Prix 2010 gala Sporting Club (Monte Carlo)

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